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Making a Case for the Tech and Business ‘Collabo’

Business and technology have one thing in common- they exist to create solutions. The underlying mission of every business owner or entrepreneur is to recognize what consumers want and design the means of meeting them. The essence of technology is to create solutions for human needs. Now, it goes without saying that business and technology will make a great symbiotic relationship.

Businesses will need to use technology to accomplish their goals and mission. In fact, these days it is challenging for a business to gain a competitive advantage, not to mention experience an increase in Return on Investment (ROI), without using technology.

Now, technology doesn’t exactly have a good reputation; most people loathe it because of the seeming complexity, the fact that it is prone to malfunctioning, and not to mention that it seems to be more efficient than human beings, hence posing a threat to our usefulness. But these issues do not take away from the fact that it is useful.

Technology can be employed in practically any aspect of business; from manufacturing to communications, customer care to marketing. The use of Technology in business today helps to create less costly, environment and customer friendly solutions. Technology can aid businesses to study and solve daily life problems. Digital Marketing, Cloud computing, Machine learning, robotics, internet of things, Blockchain and Artificial intelligence are all part of the innovation and problem-solving methods created using technology.

Technology has also revolutionized marketing and advertising. Once upon a time, marketing was the challenging part for small businesses. It took lots of money in advance to start and market businesses. But the use of Internet applications, website builders, CMS, eCommerce stores, social media, websites, and search engines optimization providing new platforms and features for small business owners, home startups, freelancers and everyone to start promoting and marketing business and services.

Hence the work that must be done is to discover the specific application of technology in our unique businesses/ endeavors. The truth is that it has come to stay and the wise thing to do is to evolve with and benefit from it, bearing in mind that the reason the mosquito is still potent today is rooted in its ability to adapt and evolve.

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