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BLAST FROM THE PAST: When we learned about Renewable Energy.

On the 13th & 14th of November 2018, 45 young people met at the KSIH to have conversations and learn about Renewable Energy, particularly PV solar generation in Nigeria and Paradigm shift in energy reliance. Facilitated by Mr. Divine Okon, a member of the Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub, the workshop was aimed at creating awareness about the need to diversify the sources of energy, seeing that the current source (fossil fuels) is fast being depleted, not to mention the fact that it is harmful to the environment and human health.

The first day of the workshop was focused on the rudiments and benefits of solar power generation in Nigeria. The facilitator carefully explained how solar power can be generated, the benefits as well as the challenges (cost of purchase and installation being the most prevalent) involved. From the training, it was established that solar power, though expensive, is the cleanest and more reliable form of renewable energy available in Nigeria. It is a worthy solution to the challenges plaguing the power sector in Nigeria is solar generated electricity.

Right after the presentation of the facilitator, the participants got engaged in a conversation about the current situation of power and energy in Nigeria, as well as possible solutions to the impending challenges. During the conversation, it was established that Nigeria is in dire need of knowledge of effective energy consumption and conservation, seeing that a significant amount of the energy (power) generated is wasted.

The day two of the workshop was geared towards the essence of a paradigm shift in energy reliance. Brief studies were done on different locations, such as Singapore, India, Japan, China, USA, in the world that have proper energy policies and are actively working towards finding better sources of energy that are cost-effective and better for the environment and human life. A short documentary that spoke about the current discoveries and inventions in solar power generation was watched.

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