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Template for Engaging Consultants

Part A is to be completed and then sent via email to Accountability and any relevant project team members to seek approval for the engagement of a consultant. Minimum level of approval required is by Programmes (Programmes Manager or Assistant Programmes Manager) and Finance (Chief Financial Officer or Finance & Admin Manager).

Parts B and C will then be completed once approval has been granted and before a contract is given to the preferred consultant.

Part A: To be filled by Programme Staff

1. Employee Name:

Gino Osahon

2. Project: Bridging Engagement and Accountability Project (funded by the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation)

3. Project/budget code: Yar’Adua - 441.2.2 4. Terms of reference: This work aims to increase and improve the level of engagement between the NDDC and citizens in the Niger Delta as a way of working towards improved delivery of public services and greater transparency and accountability in the work of the institution through the use of innovative interactive interfaces and technology.

This consultancy is aimed at upgrading the with the below listed features for the Building Engagement and Accountability project funded by the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation.

Specific tasks you must complete include the following:

The consultant is to upgrade the platform with the following requirements:

  • Build a feature that will enable community needs to be captured on the platform

  • Improve the user experience of the current platform, by creating a new UI design.

  • Build a chat bot feature so users can be well engaged and other interesting features to keep users engaged

  • Feature that allows for users to report a project in their community

  • Build a feature that allows for interaction with each project

    • Users should be able to flag posts if they are incorrect/untrue

    • Users should be able to leave conversations on each project

    • Users should be able to share the project to social media

  • Build a 1 or 2 minutes animated video that will act as a guide on how to use the platform. This video will be embedded on the platform so users can view it.

  • Build a feature that will enable an admin to track and find comments left by users on the platform projects.

  • Create well documented public APIs to expose the data on the current platform to anyone that is seeking to use such data for their projects.

  • Upload data from a scanned excel sheet to the platform's database.

The output for this consultancy will be;

  • A fully revamped and upgraded platform with the above listed features

Please note that any document or database which has/will be provided to you for the purposes of this consultancy are strictly proprietary and confidential. You must not share them further or use them for any purpose beyond this consultancy.”

5. Link to Programme/Project Objective:

The activity is under the ‘Bridging Engagement and Accountability’ Project

6. Proposed Consultant(s) in order of preference:

Not yet selected

7. Preferred Consultants’ Contact Information

Not yet selected

8. Proposed number of consultancy day(s): 12 weeks

Week 1

If a consultant is selected to provide the services after going through the application, selection and contract signing stages, the consultant will meet with the SDN project team to discuss the above listed features and how they intend to Build the features.

  • Deliverable: Report of that meeting

Week 2 and 4

At the end of week four, the consultant will present a new UI design for review and approval by the SDN project team.

  • Deliverable: Complete UI design and approval from SDN project team

Week 5 and 10

Consultant begins Building of the new UI design and the above listed features and presents updates to SDN project team. During this time there will be check-ins and periodic sign-off of design stages by SDN.

Developer will test all aspects of the project, including Quality Assurance testing for functionality, spelling and grammatical errors, consistency of graphics, and technical specifications. During this time, SDN may request some revisions and tweaking.

  • Deliverable: Fully tested website.

Week 11 and 12

All final testing and tweaking will be completed. The project will be completely delivered and signed off by SDN

10. Please provide justification on the preferred consultant:

Consultant has not been selected yet

Payments of total budget will be processed upon delivery of the following product along with invoice:

  • Project startup (40%)

  • Website development, iteration and testing (40%)

  • All deliverables are provided (20%)

11. Proposed consultancy fee:

Consultant will submit a proposal containing budget and there will be room to negotiate price with the SDN team Reimbursable Expenses: None.

12. Are there any known risks or challenges that SDN should be aware of with any of the suggested or preferred consultants above, e.g. safety, SDN reputation, SDN brand, conflict of interest, relationship with SDN or its staff etc. How will these be managed and mitigated?

NOTE: When managing the activities and days worked by the Consultant it is important to make sure that all relevant parties are kept informed. This will help to ensure that there are adequate resources available and that the payment process can be managed effectively and smoothly. Therefore, if there are any deviations to the contractual number of days to be worked by the Consultant in any given time period this must be documented over email and communicated to the Finance and Admin department by the SDN project team lead.

Click here to submit an application for this call.

Click here to view the official ToR.

Part B: To be filled by Admin Staff

  1. Employee Name:

  2. CVs of Consultants obtained Yes/No

  3. Contact information of Consultants obtained Yes/No

  4. Scan of identification of preferred Consultant obtained Yes/No

  5. Bank and tax (e.g. TIN) details for payments obtained Yes/No

Part C: To be filled by Finance Staff

  1. Employee Name:

  2. The final fees for this work, including how much will be paid upfront and how much will be paid upon successful completion of the scope of work (excluding reimbursable expenses)

  3. Please provide details of any reimbursable expenses that will be funded

  4. Please confirm the project that is funding this consultancy service

The purpose of this project is to contribute to the creation of a sustainable community of tech developers capable of providing accessible and inclusive solutions to the accountability sector in Nigeria. It builds and expands on SDN’s previous work with the Yar'Adua Foundation focused on increasing and improving the level of engagement between the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and citizens in Rivers state, as a way of working towards improved delivery of public services and greater transparency and accountability in the work of government where a platform (DevelopND) for monitoring and collation of projects and their status was developed.

In continuation, the project will aim to firstly engage and expand the existing Ken Saro wiwa Innovation Hub (KSIH) tech community of practice from a pool of tech developers in the Niger Delta who will participate in developing tech prototypes to addressing accountability issues through the use of graphic design, web development and user interface design as well as upgrading and integrating the DevelopND platform. This project will partner with Innover Technologies as required by the call to facilitate an innovation challenge where tech developers will present designed prototypes during a one-day workshop where best-suited prototypes could be further developed by the Yar’Adua Foundation to improve utilization and effectiveness of the Partners United Platform.

If you are are developer or designer, and you are interested in contributing open source software to solving accountability and transparency issues in Nigeria, then register and have a chance to be among the selected community of practice members

The NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge is a 48-hour event that has become the world’s largest global hackathon, engaging thousands of citizens across the globe to use NASA’s open data to build innovative solutions to challenges we face on Earth and in space. Space Apps inspires local communities to come together, think intensely, and create solutions to important problems.

Space Apps has evolved to become an international hackathon for coders, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, technologists, and others in cities around the world. Space Apps 2019, being the 8th edition, included over 29,000 participants at more than 230 events in 80 countries. Space Apps is a NASA-led initiative organized in collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton, Mindgrub and SecondMuse.

The Port Harcourt edition held from the 18 to the 20th of October 2019 at the Renaissance Innovation Labs, Eliozu, Rivers State. It started with a data bootcamp on the 18th of October and the 19 and 20, October were geared towards the challenge

On the 19th of October, there was a short lecture on ‘Climate Change, Agriculture and Data’. Chibuike Emmanuel Burxymoore, laid the foundations of understanding how climate change affects our world relating it to agriculture, backing up his fact with data and then explaining that “data is needed to better understand the problems we face, if we would have a chance at solving them”. As this event has to do with solving problems, Richard Tamunotonye who was our second speaker talked about design thinking, taking them through the design process and highlighting the importance or empathy at every point in the design process.

Two teams took up the challenge- Knight (who took up the “Spot-The-Fire” challenge. They created an app which detects fire in real-time through live videos and pictures whilst sending distress signals to the respective government agencies responsible) & Urban Dev Games, which comprises of developers from the KSIH (they took the “Build-A-Planet” challenge and built an edu.tional Virtual Reality game which helps people get information about planets with the capabilities of creating their own planets).

At the end of the event on the 20th of October, using impact, use of data, completeness of the projects and its relevance to the world as the parameters, the judges declared Urban Dev Games the winner of the challenge. Their idea has been sent to the global stage to compete with other ideas around the world.

We are super duper proud!!

Information & Pictures from NASA Space Apps Port Harcourt Team

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