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2019 is Here

The beginning of the year is usually tricky... some people are pumped and super excited, some are anxious and fearful, whilst others are indifferent. We hope you are as pumped and super excited about 2019 as we are. We have so many things planned and it would be great for you to keep tabs on us via our social media accounts, website and mailing list, so that you do not miss a thing. Every activity we embark on is for your growth and development. It would be good to commit to living and growing intentionally this year.

Just a few tips:

1. Get comfy with AI. It's not going anywhere and it is rapidly disrupting the tech space and the world. You do not want to be knocked to the sidelines because of ignorance. Get with the programme. Hop on that trend. It is here to stay.

2. Focus more on the application on Technology. Technology by itself is similar to a brand new car in a showroom... it just looks cool. The beauty and power of technology is seen when it is applied and used to solve problems. Be motivated by the possibilities that come with the application of technology. Take some time this month to define what problems you would like to solve with technology and set out to work. This way your approach to technology, work and even life will be value-driven... and this is a powerful way to live.

3. Do not be too "data saving conscious". There is little or nothing you can do without data use. See the money spent on data as an investment, not an expense.

4. Make machine learning "a thing". It is a worthy tool that can be used to help resolve societal problems, like improvement in agriculture, the health sector and other troubled areas.

5. Most importantly, commit to growing intentionally. You may not be very proficient or skillful in tech areas right now but in 12 months, you can become excellent, if you commit to doing the work.

We wish you all the best.

The KSIH Team.

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